👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson 🩺

While Newman was on his adventures getting cookies to Santa’s Elves….. there was another problem that needed solving.

We still have to find Gallivanting Gryphon and get the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 back from him!

Dee Dee and Lulu need to find these 🪨 stones 🪨 and get them back SOON! They need to have them in less than two weeks!! Their 👰🏽‍♂️ humans 🤵🏽‍♂️ are getting 💍 married and they need them for the ceremony!

Who will help them get these 🪨 stones 🪨 back?!?! I think we have a couple of 🇬🇧 British 💂🏽‍♂️ 🕵🏽 detectives 🧐 that are up for the hunt!

DeeDee and Lulu knew they needed to hire professional help to get the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 back from Gallivanting Gryphon!

They decided to call 👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º , the most successful pooch private investigators!

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º were happy to jump in to help find the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨! Because they are well connected they had already heard about this dastardly deed and had intel to share with DeeDee and Lulu!!!!

How would they possibly know about this?!? They live in London!

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º  (Part 3)

🧐 Sherbosco Holmes is an internationally acclaimed detective and he is often roped into assisting 🇬🇧 MI6 and Scotland Yard🕵🏽 when there are special circumstances, especially involving 🐕 canine criminals and bow-wow bandits 🐶!

🧐 Sherbosco had already heard of 👿 Gallivanting Gryphon! 👿 Gryphon has found himself unintentionally wrapped up in an international smuggling ring! He was somehow coaxed into taking the Charlevoix Stones from 💫 DeeDee and Lulu 🪶 to sell to the evil Prof Muttriarty!

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º needed to figure out why 👿 Gallivanting Gryphon would do this! From what they devised in their research, he seemed like a really good bloke outside of international stone theft!

Our pooch professionals were able to catch up with 👿 Gallivanting Gryphon and questioned him as to why…. stay tuned for details on their interrogation!

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º  (Part 4)

The detective duo sat down with 👿 Gallivanting Gryphon and had a chat with him! They learnt that Gryphon took the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 because he thought 💫 DeeDee and Lulu 🪶 were so clever and smart, they could find more…. 👿 Gallivanting Gryphon’s judgement was also clouded with grief as he very recently lost his little sidekick Pippin to the Rainbow Bridge. He didn’t know what he was getting into!

Muttriarty also made an offer he couldn’t refuse! Instead of a 🪨 stones 🪨 SMUGGLING operation though, he thought he was going into a SNUGGLING operation! He was going to trade the 🪨 stones 🪨 for hugs🤗! He was sad and he just wanted more HUGS and snuggling to make him feel better! He never meant to hurt anyone.

He said he came to the 🇬🇧 UK to trade the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 but he was TRICKED and Muttriarty made off with the 🪨 magical stones 🪨…… but not before learning that Muttriarty was collecting 🪨 magical stones 🪨 to use in his giant space laser. He knew where Muttriarty was going! He could lead the way!

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º  (Part 5)

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º learnt from Gryphon that the mischievous Muttriarty was headed to Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex. 15 years ago in this coastal village, there was a nuclear power plant, not running, but still standing. Prof Muttriarty played a role in the decomissioning of this power plant. Little did the contracting team know, Muttriarty was secretly collecting radioactive material and hiding it away, while also starting work on his space laser. No one knew he was building a vault under this power station. It was brilliant! All the infrastructure was there to power his laser, he just needed the right raw materials to make it work!!

That is where 👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º would be able to find the menacing Muttriarty.

Muttriarty made it back to is lair and greeted his sister and co-conspirator, Mischievous Mollie.

Muttriarty: Mollie, I’m back! I have the 🪨 STONES!

Mollie: Did you say SCONES!! I LOVE SCONES!

Muttriarty: Nooooo Mollie, I said I was orf to get the magical 🪨 STONES! STONES MOLLIE!!

Mollie: I was certain you said mouthwatering SCONES when you left! I don’t want 🪨 STONES! They are yucky!

Muttriarty: Of course their yucky, they’re inedible Mollie!

Mollie: But those shufty fancy SCONES! Let me try one…..

Muttriarty: Good Golly Miss. Mollie, they’re NOT SCONES!!! They are  🪨 STONES for my ⚡ space laser!!!

Mollie: That’s no fun, I want scones.

Muttriarty: I’m chuffed to bits! We are going to take over the 🌍 world!

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º  (Part 7)

Muttriarty has been working all weekend even through all the noisy 🎇 New Year Celebrations! He is getting his ⚡space laser ready and he’s almost finished! He just needs to place the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 in the correct place to refract and condense the 🔅light. The ⚡ laser will then be all powerful! He will then use the ⚡ laser to take over the 🌍 world!

He’s so tired though from working all weekend, he needed to take a nap! He will rest and then place the 🪨 stones in the morning and then 🌍 WORLD DOMINATION!

Muttriarty: Mollie, watch the door! I am going to nap! Make sure NO ONE comes in here! Keep the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 safe!

Mollie:  OK! I will keep watch. Do we have any scones to eat yet?


Mollie: I just wanted to make sure!

Muttriarty: Just watch the door!

Mollie: Okay, I just really wish we had scones.

Little did Muttriarty know,  👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º had tracked him to is lair and they had been keeping surveillance all weekend!

Now that Muttriarty was taking a break, they had a plan!

As soon as Muttriarty was gone, Mollie heard knocking at the door. Who could it be!?

She opened the door and saw a lovely plate of SCONES!!! She knew they MUST be for her!!

She didn’t even think twice about protecting the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨! She was so hungry!

Mischievous Mollie 😜 ran right outside without any consideration for closing the🚪door and started eating the scones!!

Little did she know there were two schnauzers keeping watch and ready to go in and nab the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨!

That is in fact what they did! And so quickly, she hadn’t even finished eating her scones yet! Just like that 👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson ðŸ©º retrieved the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨 for 💫 DeeDee and Lulu 🪶!

Now, they needed to figure out a way to notify 💫 DeeDee and Lulu 🪶 they have the 🪨 stones and the wedding can proceed! They have three days to get the 🪨 stones to the United States (Michigan) for the wedding ceremony of 💫 DeeDee and Lulu’s 🪶 humans!!

Will they make it in time?!? ⏰

As 👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson 🩺 were making off with the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨, Muttriarty came looking for Mollie!

Muttriarty: Mollie!!!! Where are you!?! WHERE ARE MY 🪨 STONES!!

Mollie: Huh? What?! What 🪨 stones?

Muttriarty: THE 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨!!

Mollie: Oh, huh? They were just there!!!

Muttriarty: Well, now they are NOT! Where are they?!?!

Mollie: Uh, I think I saw two schnauzers……

Muttriarty: NOOO! NOT 👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson 🩺 ?!?!?!?!?! They have my 🪨 stones! We must find them and get them back!!!

AND what is that all over your FACE?! 🐶

Mollie: Uh, nothing.

👓 Sherbosco Holmes & Dr. Kipson 🩺 made off to the Colchester airport with the 🪨 Charlevoix Stones 🪨! They need to catch their flight and get to Michigan ASAP!

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