February – Pet Dental Health Month

Dental health for our pets is just as important as it is for humans. While most pets don’t see signs of tartar and problems until about 3 years of age, it is important to start cleaning and giving your pets dental bones and brushing’s early, before the problems start.

There are so many items on the market that can benefit your pets teeth. Dental chews, Dental toys and even tooth brushes and finger brushes to use on their teeth are available at a wide variety of stores.

Pictured here is George the rescue Belgian Malinois with a DentaPup. This product is available on Amazon and is made by a business in the state of Michigan.

There are different kinds of chews available like Greenies and Whimzee’s. These are consumables you are able to purchase at most pet stores. You can also get OraVet chews from your Veterinarian. These are great in most cases and are consumed pretty quickly. Pet’s loves these, but you have to keep in mind how many calories they are consuming when you are giving them these chews and to not give them too many.

OraVet Chews available at your Veterinarian’s Office.

While the chews are great, they are not a replacement for actually brushing your dogs teeth. It is important to regularly brush their teeth the keep them healthy. It isn’t just about cosmetic issues. Just like humans, by keeping up with your pet’s dental health, you are benefiting their overall health as well.

There are a whole smattering of products on the market that are non-consumable toys that help break the plaque and tartar off their teeth. I like to use Dentapup for my dogs for a couple of different reasons.

For me, it’s about buying local. While the Dentapup is available nationwide, it is made by a company in Michigan and I love to support Michigan company’s. This “toy” also is super durable and is virtually indestructible and can keep working on breaking plaque of of your pups teeth.