National Animal Pain Awareness Month – September

WARNING!! This article includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing.

Pain sucks. Always. In any form.

Pain isn’t fun for anyone, and our pet friends are no exception to this. The problem for our pets and animals is they aren’t able to vocalize their pain.

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This awareness helps educate and inform pet owners about animal discomfort. The goal is to help pet owners learn about their pets’ health and well-being when it comes to pain management, be it acute or chronic pain. This can greatly improve their quality of life.

If something is thought to cause pain in humans it will very likely produce pain in animals as well. Via these photos, I am hoping to encourage owners to take an active role in recognizing the signs of pain in animals and seeking veterinary care. Pain can cause our pets to become less active and even cause a lack in their appetite. Pay attention to their behaviour even if there are not visible signs of injury. By seeking care immediately, they are able to recover and also receive pain medications as needed per their injury or disease.

The photos in the post are of Nikki. She was found in Warren, Mi by an animal control officer. She had a severe injury to her leg and while she is stoic and able to endure the pain of her injury, I assure you, this injury has been awful for her. No pet should have to go through this. It is important to pay attention to our pets and what they get into in our homes, it is also important to do something immediately. While Nikki’s injury could have been worse, it also could have been taken care of much sooner than it was.

Nikki is very fortunate to have been taken in by a rescue that is able to care for her. Canine Companions Rescue Center (CCRC) in Clarkston, MI has been fostering her until she is well enough to be adopted. Her veterinary care is extremely expensive and will continue to add up. She needs daily changes of her bandage as well as various medications for pain and to prevent infection.

CCRC is great rescue and deserves our attention and donations. They are a 501 (c) (3) and all donations to this rescue are tax deductible. While she is not up for adoption yet, she will be soon. If you would like to donate to CCRC or potentially adopt Nikki, see their website at

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