January 30, 2020

February – National Cat Health Month

Happy National Cat Health Month! This is hugely important for so many reasons. Even though this month is designated as Cat Health Awareness….. any cat owner would argue that EVERYDAY is important and a priority for any cat parent to take care of the kittums health. Let’s start with food…. While all cats are different, feeding cats and getting the right amount of food daily is extremely important. Cat obesity will not only lead to sluggishness in your cat, it could lead to diabetes and a whole gamut of diseases. It is important to regulate their food and keep them active and healthy. If you are concerned about your cat’s…

January 22, 2020

Rescue Dog Sherman & the Torture of Heartworm+

Sherman is the sweetest Belgian Malinois I have ever met. He is currently in the care of American Belgian Malinois Rescue (ABMR) and will likely spend his remaining years in their care as well. The rescue found him in a shelter in Florida where he was likely found as a stray before he made his way to the pound.  Before they could pull him from the shelter, they needed to secure a foster to take him in. Little did Sherman know, that would send him on a trip across several states and into a completely different climate. The foster available to take him was in Grand Ledge, MI….. but before…

January 18, 2020

January – National Walk your Dog Month

You Tell your kids or your spouse I’m going to take the dog for a “Trip around the block”, or an ”adventure in the neighborhood”. And then you spell out the word W-A-L-K versus saying it, but then you grab the leash and your dog knows. The tail wags, they’re automatically jumping up and down and they get excited. They love going for their stroll, especially with you. This is the highlight of their day!  There is a lot more to walking your dog then getting them exercise too. A lot of people argue their dog can get enough exercise by just running around the backyard.  Well, as they get…

October 1, 2019

October – National Pit Bull Awareness Month

This is a difficult topic. Pit Bulls. It shouldn’t have to be, but it is. There is a whole month dedicated nationally to this breed of dog and the great things about them and yet there is so much misinformation and anger surrounding this breed that is so unnecessary. I will give you the facts though, as I have found them from reputable information sources, and hopefully some of the confusion may become clear. The name Pit Bull is often a term used to speak of a generalized group of dogs that are “bully breeds”. Among this group is often included Staffordshire Terriers, Bulldogs and Mastiffs. There is in fact…

September 26, 2019

National Animal Pain Awareness Month – September

WARNING!! This article includes graphic images some readers may find disturbing. Pain sucks. Always. In any form. Pain isn’t fun for anyone, and our pet friends are no exception to this. The problem for our pets and animals is they aren’t able to vocalize their pain. September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This awareness helps educate and inform pet owners about animal discomfort. The goal is to help pet owners learn about their pets’ health and well-being when it comes to pain management, be it acute or chronic pain. This can greatly improve their quality of life. If something is thought to cause pain in humans it will very likely…

September 21, 2019

Puppy Mill Awareness Day – September 21

Today is an annual day to mark awareness of the squalid conditions of puppy mills. While there are many good and reputable breeders out there, there are many more backyard “breeders” or Puppy Mills that confine puppies and their parents to terrible and filthy conditions inside cages. Their whole lives they have no room to move and never any time outside. Meet Ralphie. He is from a puppy mill. He was born in a confined space and then sold as a puppy in a store in Nashville, TN as Jack Russell Terrier. As you may have guessed, he is not a JRT. He is actually a Chihuahua, Shih Tzu, American…

September 18, 2019

Service Dog Awareness Month (September)!

While we see Service Dog/Pet information and articles in the news, there is a lot of miss information out there. I’m finding more and more people are claiming to have a service animal when in fact their pet is not. It is troubling as it affects those that really do have a service animal and need them. When a “fake” service animal could potentially misbehave or even be aggressive in public when they aren’t properly trained, it can potentially affect those that have them. Service Dogs/Pets are those animals that help an individual perform a certain function and are trained to perform certain tasks. Service dogs assist specific individuals that…

September 5, 2019

Canine Advocacy Program

I’m always asked about how much I love my job and I won’t disagree, it’s a great job to have. If you love animals, it’s an amazing job. While spending my days with people’s pets is amazing, there are other aspects to this work that make it even more phenomenal. I volunteer. A lot. AND I LOVE IT. Through this volunteer work, I’m able to meet so many amazing people that work for little to no pay and they do it either to help animals or help people through animals and pets. I spent a little bit of time with one of these groups and I can’t get them out…

September 4, 2019

It is a Ruff Life!

I’ll admit, I’ve started and scrapped a couple of blogs in my life…. but I am hoping to start again and start fresh and new with a different perspective. I am hoping this blog will contain useful information and helpful ideas as well as fabulous photos I share on my journey to try and meet all the doggies and kittems, guinea pigs and rabbits and any pets we call our best friends.